Promotion strategy

EIRON appliances promotion strategy is based on development of attractive conditions for dealers and trading networks.

Marketing influence to the end-users is implemented only jointly with partners mostly in points of end sales.

The main elements that are attractive to end-users are:
  • price;
  • user-friendliness;
  • modern design;
  • attractive packaging.

All advertising and P.O.S. materials and developed based on united brand identification standards.

Sales strategy

EIRON merchandise brand is a new brand dynamically developing its presence on EU and CIS markets during last five years. Eiron sales strategy is a logical continuation of company’s promotion strategy the main aim of which to provide the partners maximal profitability. Absence of direct competition will let you perform effective price politics. We base sales strategy on long term and mutually profitable relations with partners.

The main aim of collaboration from our pint of view is smooth work based on production planning, modern marketing activities, and other activities aimed to receiving maximal advantageous opportunities from cooperation.

Supply schemes

Product supply from a warehouse in Riga.

Company has own warehouse capacities in Riga. Most of the products can be delivered within short time period.

Product supply from customs warehouse in Riga.

Easy and convenient scheme that allows save on Latvian import duties. Delivery time from 30 to 45 days.

Container supply directly from production facilities.

Order is fulfilled in 35 to 50 days starting with order placement date. This supply type is the most profitable from the price point of view but assumes detailed planning of deliveries due to order producing terms.

Building up long term and mutually profitable cooperation with partners we offer you possibilities to choose the most convenient type of financial arrangements from prepayment to delay of payments or factoring. According to your inquiry we also can offer another logistical delivery schemes and financing schemes that can be developed according to you requirements.